31 July, 2020

Pedro Llorca: “This donation will allow us to add a touch of flavor to the table of the most disadvantaged”

 The president of the Food Bank thanked Quesos Bolaños for their generosity, which with their donation will reach 400 needy families in Gran Canaria The importance […]
31 July, 2020

Aarón Hernández: “Our family has always actively collaborated with the Food Bank”

The manager of Quesos Bolaños spoke to the media to discuss the reasons for the generous donation intended to share their humble contribution in the current […]
31 July, 2020

The Food Bank receives the donation of a Super Cheese from Bolaños weighing 120 kilos

The cheesemaker from Gran Canaria delivered this morning to the Food Bank one of his famous Super Cheeses weighing 120 kilos, which will be cut into […]
29 July, 2020

Quesos Bolaños will donate one of its Super Cheeses to the Food Bank

4 The Gran Canaria company will donate a cheese weighing more than 120 kilos to the Food Bank in a ceremony that will take place on […]
24 February, 2020

Bolaños cheese is present for the first time at the Salon du Fromage in Paris

Considered as one of the most important cheese fairs in the world, it brings together the main producers, distributors and sellers of the most important dairy […]
14 December, 2019

Aarón Hernández: “I couldn’t even imagine the expectation generated by the Super Cheese cut”

The manager of Quesos Bolaños was happy for the great reception among those attending the act of cutting one of his already famous Super Cheeses, which […]
14 December, 2019

Lionel Hernández: “The next goal will be to exceed 180 kg”

The master cheesemaker explained to us the complexities of making the Bolaños Super Cheese cut yesterday at noon at La Quesería del Mercado Central de Las […]
14 December, 2019

Bolaños’ “Super Cheese” causes a sensation in the Central Market of Las Palmas

On Friday at noon took place cut one of nine Bolaños’ “Super Cheeses” in Quesería of the Mercado Central of Las Palmas (Booths 18th and 19th), […]
23 September, 2019

The first of the nine “super cheeses” of Bolaños, a success in Italy

Last Friday, September 20, the first of the 9 artisan “super cheeses” made with goat’s milk from the south of the island of Gran Canaria was […]


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